I may be a little late on this post cause it’s 7 degrees celsius outside and it’s considered ‘warm’ cause the past few days have been pretty close to 0.

But I wanna pay homage to one of my favorite seasons of the year! (ok saying “one of” may have been a bit dubious since there’s only 4 to choose from lol)

I like fall cause the weather’s so nice–I currently live in Beijing and fall is like springtime, where pollution isn’t terrible and wearing shorts isn’t an insane person thing to do. Yet it’s cooler than summer, and the leaves are orangey yellow and if we’re lucky, red!

I feel like fall brings the promise of change (sorry spring, I know you do too), especially cause it’s the time of the year where I start a new school year. The last fall I experienced (now that I think about it, it was also my first time experiencing autumn) was the first semester of my freshman year in uni. And now it’s been a year, and so many things have changed.

okay, I possibly just wrote this post so I could use these pictures of Wendy & I for something :p

People have come and gone,

paths converging to diverge

we’ve gone through ups and downs together,

all while leaves go through their own identity crises

(am I green or yellow? what is the meaning of life? i can’t understand my chloro-phyllings)

And I just wanna appreciate the fact that yeah, people are in our lives for reasons and for seasons, sometimes both. But I sure hope I’m lucky enough that the friends I have now will be my friends for life ❤