What to commit to

Last night I was in a terrible place--probablyyy just a mood swing, but in the moment it felt really crappy. It may also have been because I forced myself to have food that was too spicy for me and my... Continue Reading →


suh bro

“Eh, you gained a bit of weight oh?” ‘Yeah.’ “Oh, you knew?” This is the latest conversation I’ve been involuntarily involved in regarding my body. I’ve been back home for 5 days, and I’ve already lost count of the number... Continue Reading →


I may be a little late on this post cause it's 7 degrees celsius outside and it's considered 'warm' cause the past few days have been pretty close to 0. But I wanna pay homage to one of my favorite... Continue Reading →


Ikigai (Japanese): reason for being   It’s been a lifelong question of mine (and probably everyone else in the world at some point): why am I here? Not in an emo, despairing “what is the meaning of life” way, more... Continue Reading →

bridge of harm.

My Chinese professor is a super Zen guy--he's vegetarian, goes for silent meditation retreats every holiday, doesn't drink or smoke...he's basically the most anti-mainstream middle aged Beijing man I've ever come across. And yesterday he said something really profound: "Telling... Continue Reading →

messy room.

My room is so messy, but I'm happy. I revel in the freedom of leaving a half cut cucumber on a baking tray with crumbs from two days ago I know that the pile of laundry in the corner will... Continue Reading →

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