What to commit to

Last night I was in a terrible place--probablyyy just a mood swing, but in the moment it felt really crappy. It may also have been because I forced myself to have food that was too spicy for me and my... Continue Reading →


suh bro

“Eh, you gained a bit of weight oh?” ‘Yeah.’ “Oh, you knew?” This is the latest conversation I’ve been involuntarily involved in regarding my body. I’ve been back home for 5 days, and I’ve already lost count of the number... Continue Reading →

body goals

Yesterday and today, two things were said to me which shook me to the core about how deep and wide body image runs within us and around us. "I'm not interested [in following her workouts]. She's too chubby." "I wish... Continue Reading →


I may be a little late on this post cause it's 7 degrees celsius outside and it's considered 'warm' cause the past few days have been pretty close to 0. But I wanna pay homage to one of my favorite... Continue Reading →


Ikigai (Japanese): reason for being   It’s been a lifelong question of mine (and probably everyone else in the world at some point): why am I here? Not in an emo, despairing “what is the meaning of life” way, more... Continue Reading →

bridge of harm.

My Chinese professor is a super Zen guy--he's vegetarian, goes for silent meditation retreats every holiday, doesn't drink or smoke...he's basically the most anti-mainstream middle aged Beijing man I've ever come across. And yesterday he said something really profound: "Telling... Continue Reading →

messy room.

My room is so messy, but I'm happy. I revel in the freedom of leaving a half cut cucumber on a baking tray with crumbs from two days ago I know that the pile of laundry in the corner will... Continue Reading →

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